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Description: Tour De France (PFEX01311)

ProForm Tour de France (TDF) is no ordinary exercise bike. It's the official training bike of Le Tour de France. Train like the professional cyclists and engage in intensive workout sessions. Equipped with the latest technologies, you'll be able to enjoy realistic cycling experiences within the comforts of your own home. Try it out. You won't find another indoor exercise bike quite like the ProForm TDF.

Powered by Google Maps, you can map out real courses and ride as if you were outside. The ProForm Tour De France will automatically adjust in incline, decline and even wind resistance. Feel the burn and get a satisfying exercise cycling session.

Digital incline and decline controls are built into the ProForm Tour de France The settings can go up 20 degrees and they can go down 20 degrees. If you're cycling to a road map that has been plotted out by Good Maps, you'll get a realistic simulation of what riding on that specified terrain would be like.

What bike do you know throws in simulated wind resistance. With the ProForm Tour de France, an intelligent wind resistance technology automatically adjusts the resistance of the cycling experience based on your wind profile. This can be calculated from the height and weight measurements you input in.

The pros love ProForm's Tour de France indoor cycling bike. It's been favorably reviewed by many world renowned cycling enthusiasts. If you're serious about biking, you need this bike now! Get it online and save instantly with ProForm ecoupons.

ProForm TDF Bike
- Google Maps
- Incline and Decline
- Intelligent Wind Resistance

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